Aabe Kausar

Committed To Excellence in Education

We will help poor children to get education in our school by providing source of living to their parents.

So, kindly contribute some wealth for them.


To Help Our Indian Brothers

As we know our lots of Brothers and sister are Unemployed because of lack of resources & they are unable to educate their wards so we should come forward to educate them.

Benefited by the Society

We will be benefited by our society that we can save our taxes also and again we can use this money to help people.

Help Without Harming dignity

When we give a person the charity we make these things on social platforms that everyone gets to know about the person who is benefited and he /she feels burdened with favors. So we have to completely close this tradition.


Education in Real Sense

To provide education in a real sense

modern and religious education

We want to provide students Modern and Religious Education

Teaching Ethics

Teaching Students about ethics, that can help them to understand the social evils of the society

Islamic Guidance

We will teach them how to survive in modern world under Islamic Guidance

Strong Observation

Strong Observation on the students that can help in deciding their career goals

Providing education to poor

We will help poor children to get education in our school by providing source of living to their parents


All trust holders will be on common platform in the form of website and everything will be transparent

Connecting Students

We will try to connect the students of all the religions who are on Important position in India and outside


The Trust schools are united in their vision for education in the communities they serve. At their heart is a commitment to every child and young person from the age of three to nineteen in the area served by the schools that would ensure:

  • The best possible educational experience for all students.
  • A culture of high aspiration.
  • An environment where each student is nurtured and can develop his/her full potential.
  • An emphasis on continuity of learning across all ages.
  • The celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of each individual’s skills and abilities.
  • A climate which harnesses enthusiasm and makes learning enjoyable.
  • The well-being of the whole child: socially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new Success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool. “